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Boardroom talk: Age diversity the new gender diversity?

Much has been made of gender diversity in recent times but rarely does the issue of age in boardrooms come in for such intense scrutiny. And if the argument for board gender diversity is that females offer different viewpoints, then surely the same can be said for a variety of age groups. Clarendon Executive’s Joanne McAuley explores age diversity as part of the broader diversity conversation and suggests that any board can create a diverse group and realise the benefits that come from a cross-section of perspectives, experiences and expertise.

Any diversity conversation must address all diversity factors, not just gender but also age and race. Gender diversity has had much airtime recently with the recent implementation of the pay gap regulations, but age is something that has until now has escaped much of the spotlight. Age diversity...

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Interim management: does it stack up?

The interim management market is buoyant in the UK, with a plethora of well- qualified suitable candidates, however the picture couldn’t be more different when looking at Northern Ireland in isolation. Below, Joanne McAuley from Clarendon Executive considers the scenarios in which an interim management solution might be employed, and assesses whether the return on investment adds up for local businesses.

The UK Institute of Interim Management describes interim managers and executives as, by and large, senior and mature individuals, operating at Board, or near-Board level, with an average age of 52. Interim managers are mostly men, with a steady but small lift in female representation in recent...

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Compensation Strategies: Attracting and Retaining Talent

An effective compensation strategy is integral in attracting new talent and retaining and motivating the best performers; in short, it’s a critical part of overall HR strategy to keep organisations competitive and successful with a strong pipeline of emerging talent. But, particularly for SMEs, it can be hard to get right…. Below, Ciaran Sheehan, Managing Partner of Clarendon Executive, examines the components required to ensure you have the best compensation plan in place for your people and your business.

One of the most daunting challenges for businesses we deal with, no matter their size, is that of attracting and retaining outstanding talent, particularly at executive level. As economic conditions improve, hiring the right talent becomes all the more challenging. Savvy companies know a solid,...

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Preparing for the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

Clarendon Executive’s Claire McKee says that whilst robots are no substitutes for people, as we move further towards ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ there is a requirement for successful organisations to accept change and invest more heavily in the ‘human capital’ agenda, visionary leaders and technology advancements.

The fourth Industrial Revolution’ refers to the smart operational systems of the future that will incorporate new innovations such as Artificial Intelligence and chatbots, Big Data, augmented reality, simulation and the Cloud. Like the revolutions that preceded it, the Fourth Industrial...

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How To Prepare For Senior Job Interviews

How To Prepare For Senior Job Interviews

Interviews can be daunting at the best of times, even more so when, as a senior exec, you perhaps haven’t moved jobs in a while or are better versed in the role of interviewer as opposed to interviewee. At C-suite level, quality advice on interview technique can be hard to come by. Below, Clarendon Executive outlines some strategies to help you prepare for and shine in interview.

DO Consider Style AND Substance It’s no longer good enough just to talk about your experience in detail when it comes to interviewing for executive level positions – you also need to describe your management style, outline your vision and prove your future ability in the role. Be prepared...

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The ‘make-up’ of our boardrooms – Gender Diversity in the spotlight

With the deadline looming for gender pay gap disclosures at companies with 250 or more employees, the spotlight shines once again on the wider issue of gender diversity in the boardroom - for companies of all sizes. Are businesses turning a blind eye to the issue? And what about the frustration of those that prioritise the fair representation of women, but struggle due to an overwhelming lack of interest from female candidates?
Clarendon Executive’s Joanne McAuley looks at the obstacles facing women as they climb the corporate ladder and what can be done to help create a face of lasting change for NI boardrooms.

It’s been encouraging to see a rise in executive level appointments in Northern Ireland, both in the public and private sector, being filled by women – National Museums NI, Titanic Belfast, IOD NI, CBI NI and Belfast City Council to name a few. A broader look, however, at the top 100...

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Survival of the ‘Emotionally’ Fittest

It remains an elusive concept for many businesses, yet investing in the Emotional Fitness of your company’s top executives will benefit everyone. Below Mark Latuske from Clarendon Executive examines the hallmarks of an emotionally fit or ‘intelligent’ leader, how you can improve your emotional fitness, and why we should place it high on the business agenda.

As an avid sports fan – particularly cricket – I’m always interested in how psychology comes into play and almost always ends up the determining factor in who wins and who loses. In professional sports, the difference between one athlete and another is often pretty negligible. While one...

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How to Use Psychometric Testing in Hiring

Psychometric testing continues to rise in popularity. In fact, over 75% of the Times top 100 companies now use some form of psychometric testing, usually during a recruitment and selection process. The technological advances in online testing enable candidates to do a test in their own time and location, meaning more efficient and cost-effective recruitment processes and potentially a much wider candidate pool. Below, Clarendon Executive’s Anne Daley explains the value of psychometrics in senior level recruitment and, with the increasing number and sophistication of online tests available how to choose what’s most suitable for your hiring needs.

Psychometric testing continues to rise in popularity. In fact, over 75% of the Times top 100 companies now use some form of psychometric testing, usually during a recruitment and selection process. The technological advances in online testing enable candidates to do a test in their own time and...

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The Future of Work

The Future of Work

“The future depends on what you do in the present” – Mahatma Gandhi Our world is changing fast and businesses clearly must adapt, but how? Clarendon Executive’s Anne Daley says when it comes to working, ‘change’ is the new norm and considers what savvy organisations should be doing now to future-proof their success.

Over the past decade the world of business has been subject to change in ways that nobody could have predicted. And as we have seen, from past times of tumultuous change (industrial revolution, world wars, global recession), those who can get comfortable with uncertainty and develop not only the...

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The Recruitment Journey: Hiring executive-level candidates

The right or wrong executive hire can have an immense and lasting impact on the trajectory and success of your business. It is imperative, therefore, that HR departments take all steps possible to avoid a bad hire at the top. Clarendon’s Joanne McAuley provides some tips on what to look out for when appointing executive-level candidates.

When companies make critical senior-level appointments, the stakes are high. Firstly, the financial investment is often sizeable. Large salaries, benefits, and bonuses all add up. Secondly, C-Suite candidates will potentially be stepping into roles that carry a significant amount of...

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Welcome on Board: The Real Potential of Non-Executive Directors

The ability to stand back from the day-to-day running of the business and focus on strategic, objective decision-making processes can prove tricky for many company owners but it is a common feature of truly successful businesses, no matter their size. Clarendon Executive’s Ciaran Sheehan examines the considerable impact a good non-exec can make and why many of Northern Ireland’s start-ups and SMEs aren’t realising their potential quickly enough.

It used to be that you’d only find non-executive directors walking the corridors of the larger or public organisations big enough to have a governance agenda.  More recently, however, the important role non-execs can play in companies of all sizes is increasingly recognised, and whilst it...

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The Rebirth of Organisational Culture

Few business school graduates at the turn of the millennium will have completed their studies without the oft-repeated phrase “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast” ringing in their ears. Fewer still will have emerged unscathed from a well intentioned but ultimately flawed corporate ‘Culture Change Programme’.

However – as Clarendon Executive’s Mark Latuske explains – after a period of dormancy, the ‘C’ word is firmly back on the agenda for businesses seeking ways to differentiate themselves and outperform competitors in an increasingly complex operating market.

Louis Gerstner Jr. who famously overhauled IBM in the 1990s and early 2000s is synonymous with the quote; “I came to see, in my time at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game, it is the game.”  The centrality of culture in organisational success is not a new idea but there...

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Post Recruitment – the Fundamentals

As the famous saying goes – “The hard work starts now”. Clarendon’s Anne Daley considers the importance of post-recruitment support and development as a critical, but often overlooked phase in the executive lifecycle.

Executive selection is often an adrenalin-fuelled, multi-stage process, culminating in a need for the successful candidate to make a major, potentially life altering albeit exciting decision. It will involve many stressful elements – understanding unfamiliar terms and conditions, negotiating a...

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Know Thyself

At executive level it’s interpersonal skills that often make the difference between success and failure. Clarendon’s Anne Daley examines the value of personality profiling in determining leadership style and role suitability but also as a tool for career enhancement and satisfaction.

For fans of Only Connect, the BBC Two game show that asks contestants to find the connection between seemingly unrelated clues, here is one for you:   What is the connection between the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the philosopher Plato and Rapper Drake?    Answer:  the...

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Lost in Transition?

Clarendon’s Mark Latuske is seeing a spike in the number of Northern Ireland based firms using external executive coaching to manage key periods of transition, but he says more need to understand the concept and embrace it for the benefit of individual and organisational success.

Working with leaders and organisations across Northern Ireland, there is no doubt that external executive coaching has moved into the mainstream in the last number of years. However, critical moments of transition or change risk being overlooked when we employ a broad-brush approach to coaching....

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