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The Menopause and Mental Health at Work

The Menopause and Mental Health at Work

It is fantastic to see the increased attention and discussion that the menopause is getting at the moment.  Open discussion and the sharing of knowledge and resources will help to remove the stigma around the menopause and help to build more supportive and open workplaces.  

In Northern Ireland, high profile women such as the BBC’s Marie Louise Connolly have been tweeting about their personal experience of the menopause, The Menopause Room – a supportive Facebook group has been established, a menopause café run by Menopause Wellbeing NI has opened and the...

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Boardroom talk: Age diversity the new gender diversity?

Much has been made of gender diversity in recent times but rarely does the issue of age in boardrooms come in for such intense scrutiny. And if the argument for board gender diversity is that females offer different viewpoints, then surely the same can be said for a variety of age groups. Clarendon Executive’s Joanne McAuley explores age diversity as part of the broader diversity conversation and suggests that any board can create a diverse group and realise the benefits that come from a cross-section of perspectives, experiences and expertise.

Any diversity conversation must address all diversity factors, not just gender but also age and race. Gender diversity has had much airtime recently with the recent implementation of the pay gap regulations, but age is something that has until now has escaped much of the spotlight. Age diversity...

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The ‘make-up’ of our boardrooms – Gender Diversity in the spotlight

With the deadline looming for gender pay gap disclosures at companies with 250 or more employees, the spotlight shines once again on the wider issue of gender diversity in the boardroom - for companies of all sizes. Are businesses turning a blind eye to the issue? And what about the frustration of those that prioritise the fair representation of women, but struggle due to an overwhelming lack of interest from female candidates?
Clarendon Executive’s Joanne McAuley looks at the obstacles facing women as they climb the corporate ladder and what can be done to help create a face of lasting change for NI boardrooms.

It’s been encouraging to see a rise in executive level appointments in Northern Ireland, both in the public and private sector, being filled by women – National Museums NI, Titanic Belfast, IOD NI, CBI NI and Belfast City Council to name a few. A broader look, however, at the top 100...

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