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Remote Working and Bullying and Harassment

In ‘normal’ times a request for home working/remote working would typically take time to consider and set up, while the business and the employee discuss what steps would need to be put in place in terms of technology, support, communication, ‘fit’ with the role requirements and whether this would work for both parties before a decision was made. Often when it was a ‘yes’ this new way of working might have been on a trial basis, while both parties considered if it was working and had the opportunity to monitor, review and tweak the arrangements.

We are living in extraordinary times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about urgent and sudden changes in our ways of working, with remote working (i.e. working from home) being required by businesses so that they can keep working through these difficult days.  Some degree of...

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Survival of the ‘Emotionally’ Fittest

It remains an elusive concept for many businesses, yet investing in the Emotional Fitness of your company’s top executives will benefit everyone. Below Mark Latuske from Clarendon Executive examines the hallmarks of an emotionally fit or ‘intelligent’ leader, how you can improve your emotional fitness, and why we should place it high on the business agenda.

As an avid sports fan – particularly cricket – I’m always interested in how psychology comes into play and almost always ends up the determining factor in who wins and who loses. In professional sports, the difference between one athlete and another is often pretty negligible. While one...

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Know Thyself

At executive level it’s interpersonal skills that often make the difference between success and failure. Clarendon’s Anne Daley examines the value of personality profiling in determining leadership style and role suitability but also as a tool for career enhancement and satisfaction.

For fans of Only Connect, the BBC Two game show that asks contestants to find the connection between seemingly unrelated clues, here is one for you:   What is the connection between the temple of Apollo at Delphi, the philosopher Plato and Rapper Drake?    Answer:  the...

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